Best Skills to Teach your Dog

Best Skills to Teach your DogYou recently got a new dog into your home? Well, think about your newly acquired role: pet parent. It is equally your responsibility to teach your dog about your values and expectations. Whether you are bringing in a puppy or an adult dog, ensure the home is ‘puppy proof’. Make sure nothing is left carelessly in the house — remove the lowly hanging towel from the oven, the low food pantry shelf, and protect that couch you don’t need the dog to lie on. Any of the above can be a great toy for the bored dog.

Your new dog needs to learn a few rules in your home. Below are some of the best skills you need to teach him:

  • Exercising and Focus Games

You just got a new friend into your circle. It is important that you create the right chemistry. Body language is the first skill learnt by the animal. Dogs can easily learn gestures they pick from our hands and movements. Most dogs avoid eye contact. Teach him to ‘listen’ to your eyes. This way, the dog will learn to focus on you even in times of distractions.

  • Moving Commands and Gymnastics

It is fundamental that your new dog learns a few commands like “come here, go, sit down, stand up or lie down”. Make sure your dog learns various behaviors by placing them in some positions, using a gesture or lure to teach him some gymnastics. Always reward your dog for motivation towards a certain behavior.

  • Following you When you Walk Away

Your little friend needs to understand what to do at all times. Dogs trust you easily. You can teach him to follow you when you walk away: since you’re the only thing he knows here. Create relationships from time to time for this skill to sink in.

  • Warning Signs and Commands

It is important that your dog understands when to temporarily wait or stop doing something. Teach him the ‘wait and stay’ commands so as to identify the boundaries.