Fun Things to Do with your Dog

Fun Things to Do with your DogWe have a number of fun things that you can do with your new dog. It is a common phrase that ‘those who play with their dog, stays with their dog’. Some of the best known fun activities with your dog include:

  • Animal-assisted activities

Commonly referred to as AAA, these are activities that are often done in hospitals or with a home nurse. The activities are meant to improve the mood and social skills other than the goals of patients. Such places that offer these activities with the help of animals may be useful for your new dog.

  • Animal-assisted therapy

Also called AAT, these are goal-directed and results are recorded to meet certain goals. These are meant to strengthen the human-canine bond. Your dog can take part in such therapy sessions to learn and relate better with humans.

  • Agility

You can engage in obstacle courses with teeter-totters, hurdles, weave poles, balance beams, tunnels and climbing structures among other agility trials with your dog. These are usually very competitive and comes along with much fun. Your dog will learn to be confident, staying focused in high spirits and how to relax at all times.

  • Day trips

When you visit friends or travel, it is fun riding along with your dog. You can also go shopping with your dog. Dogs love riding in the car. You can even visit pet stores together and give him a treat or two during this outing.

  • Backpacking

Planning for a backpacking trip? Well, your dog too can be part of the trip. This calls for a good plan ahead. You need to condition him in advance. Your dog’s fitness is paramount here. This means you need to start in good time for him to adapt. Get a first-aid kit for both of you and learn how to treat him in case of anything. Food and water is important for your dog.

  • Dog parks

Take time with your dog in places they are allowed to roam freely. This gives him exposure and a chance to learn new things.

Other activities include musical dances, frisbee, flyball, and hiking.