Top World Dog Breeds you Need to have maintains a classy record of world’s top dog breeds. There are many types of dogs you may opt to keep as your pets. While there are over 189 dog breeds world over, we have narrowed to the top breeds that will thrill you. The following are the top breeds as described and based on our thorough research:

  • Rottweiler

This is known to be large and formidable-looking dog. The breed has proven to be a family’s favorite pet over the years. This is mainly due to its affectionate personality. The breed prides of the oldest herding techniques dating back in the Roman Empire. Originally, the dog is a German breed.

Rottweiler is best known for its sharp skills. It can be trained to be a guide dog for the blind as well as a guard or police dog. It is best described as a calm, courageous, and confident dog. The German breed has a high level of self-aloofness, quiet response, and takes time to act. The dog’s attitude is rather admirable. The breed’s inherent desire to guard is mostly attributed to its intelligence and its will to work. This a perfect companion and guardian for you.

  • Boxer

The muscular dog breed is known for its distinctive traits. It appears short-coated with a unique square head. This breed has a strong body. It is usually gentle and playful. The dog is best known for a combination of thrilling traits. Boxer dogs use the front paws for most of their activities. It is curious and always aware of its environment. Like a cat, this dog likes pawing at its food and toys. In most cases, he will be jumping with his front paws in motion – just like he is boxing.

  • Yorkshire Terrier

This is a cute little dog. For pet lovers, the loyal, clever, and energetic dog is a true friend. It is an adventurous breed and easy to train. The watchdogs have long, silky and fine coat along the spine and falls on the sides. Mostly colored in steal and tan, the ‘Yorkies’ need regular grooming.